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Slideway Services can now offer a full slideway refurbishment package on your CNC or conventional machines.

CNC Machines

Backed by vastly experienced CNC service engineers we can de-commission your machine on site.

Refurbish your slideways includes slideway and surface grinding. Fit new anti-friction material to assist ballscrew alignment. Recondition all ballscrews. Recondition lube system including new pipe work and meter valves. Using our own calibrated test equipment our engineers will then commission your machine on site

Conventional Machines

We are currently grinding all types of lathes, milling and grinding machines plus special purpose machines.

We can offer a full compliment regrind or part regrind based on customer requirements and budget.

We also offer a refurbishment service which includes transporting your machine to our workshop, strip machine, regrind, hand scrape all alignments and rebuild prior to transporting the machine to your site to commission. Slideway Services Ltd will guarantee the original limits of accuracy.

If you have either a CNC or conventional machine that is struggling to hold its tolerance due to worn slideways, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Brian Caddy. We will be pleased to quote for all your requirements, both slideway and surface grinding and all CNC slideway refurbishments. Be assured of a professional competitive service.